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Hygiene Clean

Hygiene Clean

Hygiene Cleaning Service at Beech Cottage Dental Surgery in Corbridge

At Beech Cottage Dental in Corbridge, we offer a wide range of treatments including dental hygiene services. Our dental treatment provides a thorough gum massage, removal of plaque, teeth cleaning and polishing of tooth surfaces by the use of a rubber cup, disclosing plaque build-up used to determine areas where more work is required to enhance your oral hygiene.

At Beech Cottage Dental practice we highly recommend regular visits to your hygienist in between your dental checkups. This will help to maintain a healthy beautiful smile, good breath and excellent oral health.

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What Is A Hygiene Clean?

A hygiene clean is your initial appointment with the hygienist, we highly recommend this treatment to maintain good dental care. It is a thorough deep cleaning, where a professional dental hygienist will hand clean your teeth and gums. The treatment will remove the build-up of plaque and tartar (known as calculus) which is easily missed when brushing your teeth. Your hygienist will be able to prevent future gum disease as well as stained teeth. Find out more about hygiene cleans at Beech Cottage Dental Surgery.

How Much Is An Hygienist Appointment?

The cost to book a hygienist appointment starts from just £40.

How Do I Book An Hygienist Appointment?

if you are looking to book an appointment with us, give us a call by clicking the button below.

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