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Best Dental Care

1. Book in with Beech Cottage Dental at Reception.

Visit Beech Cottage Dental Practice and have a chat with our friendly receptionist about your Dental plan options. Our team are here to assist you in understanding the benefits and finding the best plan for your dental care needs. Your journey to optimal oral health with a Dental plan starts right here at Beech Cottage Dental Practice.

Best Dental Care

2. Schedule Your First Check-up

Your initial check-up at Beech Cottage Dental Practice focuses on assessing your current dental health. This check-up comprises two essential steps. First, your dentist will determine if any treatment is necessary before enrolling you in the plan. Next, they will discuss your future oral health needs with you. The payment plan options offered are tailored to both your dental requirements and your budget.

Best Dental Care

3. Plan Discussion and Application Completion

Your dentist will guide you through the agreed contract before finalising the application process. During this conversation, your ongoing treatment and care will be clearly outlined. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any potential work not covered by the plan and define the next steps.

Best Dental Care

4. Enjoy the Benefits of Denplan Dental Cover

Welcome to Denplan! Once your application is complete, our team will send you a welcome pack containing essential information about your plan. We highly recommend keeping these documents for future reference. Upon receiving your welcome pack, you can start enjoying the numerous benefits of Denplan.