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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction Treatments at Beech Cottage Dental Surgery in Corbridge

​At Beech Cottage Dental Surgery we offer many oral health services to our patients, including but not limited to fillings, bonding services, tooth removal and even dental implants. Depending on the procedure you require, an appointment may only take a few minutes all the way to several appointments that last for hours. We are confident that our experienced dentists provide a pain-free tooth extraction service in our comfortable dental surgery. With the aid of the latest technologies and techniques we carry out extractions quickly. This means that we can leave your mouth as it was before you lost your tooth or teeth.

Your tooth will be extracted by an oral surgeon who is highly trained and experienced in providing this kind of treatment. The process will be quick and painless, with the minimum of discomfort. We use local anaesthetic, but you can ask for sedation if you are having more than one tooth removed. We have created this page to provide you with valuable information about tooth removal. Whilst our aim is to preserve the natural teeth if at all possible, there are some circumstances whereby a removal of a tooth may be your best long-term option.

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What Is Dental Extraction?

There are many reasons for removing a tooth. The main one is if tooth decay has reached the nerve of the tooth, where it can cause an abscess or pus to form in the bone. The only way to stop this happening is to remove the tooth. Another reason would be if the teeth are overcrowded and require straightening, so some teeth will need to be removed to make space.

Tooth removal is a simple procedure where the dentist will remove the tooth. If there are no complications, it normally takes less than ten minutes. The appointment will be scheduled for any time of the day which suits you. Make an appointment today to book your tooth removal with your dentist.

How Much Is A Tooth Extraction?

At Beech Cottage Dental Corbridge, we offer simple and effective tooth extraction and general dentist appointments. Our course of treatments are included and intended to resolve existing tooth socket problems as soon as possible. Using our knowledge and expertise in dentistry.

How Can I Book A Tooth Extraction Appointment?

If you are looking to book a tooth extraction appointment or are looking to find out a bit more, give us a call using the button below.

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