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Benefits of Denplan Membership

Denplan Care

Denplan Essentials

Private Pay As You Go

Cosmetic Treatments

Dental assessments including X-Rays and Emergency assessment


Aquapolish Stain Clean £31

Hygiene Visit


Boutique Tooth Whitening £250


20% Discount

From £75

Enlighten Tooth Whitening £495

Crowns Bridges and Dentures *Care pays Lab Fee

20% Discount

Crowns from £525 Dentures from £495

Invisalign £2500

Cosmetic Treatments Tooth Whitening Invisalign and Smile Makeovers

20% Discount

10% Discount

Price dependant on treatment

Smile Makeovers from £1200

Root Canal Treatments Implants Oral Surgery Extractions

From £75

From £2500

From £150

From £150

From £2400

From £175

From £195

From £2500

From £190

Cosmetic Assesment FREE

Why Choose Denplan?

When considering dental care options, choosing Denplan offers numerous benefits. Denplan provides comprehensive coverage for a wide range of treatments and services, ensuring your dental needs are met. With flexible payment plans tailored to suit various budgets, Denplan makes dental care more accessible. You gain access to a network of trusted and accredited dentists committed to delivering quality care. Denplan emphasizes preventative dental care, promoting regular check-ups to maintain oral health and prevent future issues. Transparent pricing means no hidden costs, giving you clarity and confidence in your coverage. Whether you’re an individual or a family, Denplan offers flexible plans to suit your needs. Plus, their excellent customer service ensures prompt assistance and support whenever required. By choosing Denplan, you prioritize your dental health while enjoying peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands.